Our Story 🕺🏽

It was created because we wanted to scratch our own itch!

    Namaste 🙏

    Web is crowdy. Bestresources.co was born out of a single need for a centralized simple & trusted FREE solution for the community to get access to the resources, personally used by the people. People were sharing their resources on different-different platform and we had to dig deeper to find and save some thing worthy.

    We wanted, "everything at one place" solution. There was nothing out there that ticked all the boxes, so we started building one.

    The present and future.

    bestresources.co is live with best resources, curated by senior developers from Google, Amazon, Uber and many more.

    We will continue to collaborate with developers to provide best resources on web, at one place.

    There are many others, who have guided and helped this project come to life - friends, family, internet strangers! we are most grateful for everyone’s kindness ❤️

Built with ❤️ by Pankaj Tanwar